The masterclass for joinery machinery and room design from the HTBLVA Ortweinschule is the only two year lasting further education for carpenters in Austria. To complete their education, each master creates his individual masterpiece from scratch and presents it at a final exam. To show their high class and expensive masterpieces to the community and possibly employers a yearbook is made every now and then. Moreover, this year a deeper insight on the masters themselves and their thoughts was required.

My Role
Art Direction + Graphic Design

So I came up with the idea of handpainted book jackets, which look like an abstract closeup of some wooden texture. Because the jackets were painted by the masters themselves, they are kind of signed and make every book very subtly.

To present the masters and their personalty much more outstanding than in the annuals from the past we decided to use grey coloured paper inlays, which stand out from the rest of the content very decent. Moreover a simple navigation, inspired by the lines on the cover, on the outside of the pages was developed.

The handpainted
bookjackets in the making

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