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Ehrliches Bum Bum is an independent Drum & Bass collective from Austria, based in Graz. Founded in 2014, the collective is celebrating his 3rd birthday this year with an big event at the ppc in Graz.

The aim of this project was to point out the individuality of the collective and to show their connection to the music, which is their heartbeat. So we created an artwork, made out of an heart combined with an expressive color, which is outstanding and remarkable and works good as an constant key visual for posters, flyers and album covers.


My Role
Art Direction + Graphic Design

Felix Werinos

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Let’s do it 
amazing together.

Let’s do it 
amazing together.

© Lukas Diemling 2018 / Built with Semplice  

© Lukas Diemling 2018
Built with Semplice